Waldo Büchner

Va Form 0740 Telework Agreement

AUGUST 3, 2013 VA MANUEL 5011/26 [. OTHER EMPLOYMENT PLANS (TELEWORK) 1. This chapter presents the policies and procedures of the departments of alternative employment (telework). Telework allows employees to do their work in places other than the traditional office environment. 2. COVER. This chapter deals with all VA employees in telework positions. 3. EXKLUSIONEN has. Workers who have been formally disciplined in the event of absence without leave (AWOL) in a calendar year after December 9, b. Employees who have been formally sentenced to report, download or exchange pornography, including child pornography, on a federal government computer or in the performance of official federal government duties. 4. RESPONSIBILITIES A.

Among the secretaries, assistant secretaries, other key officials or their decision-makers are responsible for the implementation and management of telework programs and this policy within their organizations; Ensure that barriers to the management, logistics, organization or other barriers to the implementation and proper operation of the telework program are removed and telework agreements are approved or discontinued in the central office. Each administrative and staff office is required to provide timely personnel participation data to meet the division`s annual reporting requirement. Reporting data is provided on request to the Office of Human Resources Management, Worklife and Benefits Service. B. Facility Directors are responsible for implementing telework programs and authorizing or recruiting telework agreements for employees under their jurisdiction. Responsibility for approving or stopping telework agreements may be delegated to the first-level supervisory authorities. Approval of telework agreements must be coordinated with staff and information security (ISO) officials. c. The Assistant Under-Secretary for Human Resources Management advises administrative and operational officials on the policies and procedures set out in this chapter.

d. Supervisory authorities are responsible for determining the adequacy of the position and the suitability of staff for telework agreements and for coordinating the conclusion of the user`s remote security agreement with staff.