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What Does Sag Student Film Agreement Mean

When you think of working with union actors, you should be aware of certain things. The union has a large number of contracts that are designed to make it relatively easy to use, not abuse, union actors. Most contracts are for feature films and are based on budget levels; However, there are also provisions for a small number of short films. These are all legally binding treaties that apply to you and to the actors. If you sign these contracts, you will become a “union co-signer,” but don`t worry – most contracts with a lower budget allow you to mix union and non-union talent, and that has no influence on the crew you hire. So you can hire your friends, the union team or even the union, if you wish. The most important thing is that it`s the image, not the life, to be unionized, so if you don`t launch union actors for the next film, you don`t need to sign a contract with the union. Films made under this pact can be published at film festivals, on free streaming sites such as Vimeo or YouTube. Making a feature film with a talent of SAG? In this case, your production will probably be covered by a sag theater deal. MR. AFTRA. 1. Professional Union actors know that it is part of their work, be on time, prepared for the day of shooting, know how to beat their brands, make several takes, and keep the drama on screen and out of production.

This does not mean that non-unionized actors are not professional – they are largely unreased. However, if your friend acts in your movie, he may not have the commitment you expect. Hiring union actors doesn`t mean that life won`t invade and problems won`t come up, but it does mean that the actor knows it`s not a party, it`s a job and there`s a limited amount of time to get the recordings you need. After the right role, professionalism is the most important reason to hire an actor. For more information, see . The basic codified agreement and samples of all low-budget agreements are available online. SAG-AFTRA responds online to FAQs and offers free monthly workshops in Los Angeles and New York, which guide producers through the low-budget signing process. Change to the codified basic agreement. The low-budget agreements distinguish some of the remuneration and other conditions proposed in SAG-AFTRA`s codified core agreement, the agreement for a full budgetary feature film scheduled for theatrical release. While each of the low-budget agreements is between 6 and 12 pages long, the basic codified agreement covers more than 700 pages.

All the conditions under which a low-budget agreement is silent are governed by the terms of the codified core agreement. All EU members are covered for all projects that employ SAG-AFTRA members under the SAG-AFTRA basic agreement and the SAG-AFTRA television agreement. However, there are subsequent classifications of projects that require additional contracts. When signing these contracts, the signatory also signs the default basic agreement and remains subject to the conditions and guidelines set out in this document. The vast majority of SAG ads are Class A, which means your ad is shown in more than 20 cities. This is your parenthesis when you shoot a national commercial that airs on four major networks (FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS). It`s also your medium when you run an ad that runs on a cable channel. Today, almost a hundred years later, SAG-AFTRA is still committed to organizing all work under their jurisdictions, negotiating the best wages, working conditions, health and retirement services, creating employment opportunities, enforcing contracts and protecting SAG-AFTRA members from unauthorized use of their work. However, the work of the Union is not possible without the cooperation of the hereditary industry, which is not part of the union, in particular the studio and production factories. Through collective agreements and subsequent contracts, SAG-AFTRA can govern and protect those who work in a performance role in the entertainment industry.